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Senator Safdar Abbasii

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Senator Safdar Abbasi

A medical doctor by training and profession, Dr. Safdar Ali Abbasi was born in Larkana District on 26 December, 1957. He hails from a respected political family of Sindh which has a very rich contribution in the local as well as the national politics to its credit.

After having his Senior Cambridge and also Intermediate studies from the Aitchison College, Lahore, he opted for the medical profession and got admission at Dow Medical College, Karachi. During his early'academic days and stay at the Medical College, he took keen interest in the welfare of the local population and was exposed to the public life even at a very tender age.

Dr. Satdar Ali Abbasi is a committed worker of the Pakistan Peoples Party and is fully dedicated to uphold the mission of the late Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was much inspired by the attributes and the leadership qualities of Mr. Z. A. Bhutto and developed a soft corner for the down-trodden and not-so-fortunate segments of the society.

He had to suffer a lot during the Martial Law rule in the country and went into exile for quite some time. He inherited his political commitments and acumen from his most respected mother Dr. Mrs. Ashraf Abbasi, the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He has been Political Assistant to Mohtarftla Benazir Bhutto from 1986 to 1988 and was elevated to the status of Political Secretary to the Prime Minister of Pakistan when Mohtarma took over as the Chief Executive of the country in 1988. He continued his allegiance with Mohtarma during 1990-93 when the Peoples Party was in Opposition.

Dr. Safdar Ali Abbasi is a widely travelled person and has been to Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom and a number of other countries of Europe on political, private and official errands.

Dr. Safdar Abbasi was elected to the Senate of Pakistan in March, 1994 for a six year term. He is a Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs and Statistics. He is a member of the Senate Standing Committees on Commerce, Commerce and on Health, Social Welfare and Special Education and also on Functional Committee on Government Assurances.




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