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In Larkana District, Commercial Banking Services are provided by Habib Bank Ltd. (HB), National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), United Bank Ltd. (UBL), Allied Bank Ltd. (ABL) and Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), while Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan (ADBP) provides credit services for the farmers. A branch of small business Finance Corporation is also there to finance small business enterprises. The Principal business of the banks in Larkana District is remittance of money which comes from Agricultural products and Traders, however lending of money from the banks is also common among business community.

          The agricultural Development Bank of Paksitan has a mandate to provide loans to farmers for better production of wheat and rice. After financing , the bank keeps track of its investment and on evolution of loan utilization is made usually land property is mortgaged and a loan upto 61 percent of their value can be provided on which a 14.5 percent mark up is charged, some times present guarantee is also acceptable if the loan demanded is up to 50000.00

          The small business finance corporation (SBFC) has its branch in Larkana city to provide loands to the farmers, traders by requiring a land ownership certificates as mortgaging document.

           The Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. has started ATM Service in the Larkana city. It has two ATM machines in the Larkana city which has benefited the Traders and businessmen in the walk of banking technology

Currently there are All banks serving including: Faysal Bank LTD, ASKRARI Bank LTD, BANK ISLAMI, Standard Charterd, Bank AL-HABIB and more





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