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Regional Linkages  

Larkana is well connected with all taluka headquarters and important towns of its own district, the neighbouring districts, and the neighbouring provinces, through a network of metalled roads and railways. Following are some of the most important regional road links:

  • Indus Highway links Larkana with Jacobabad, Shikarpur, and Sukkur in the North East and with Dadu and Hyderabad in the South.  This road meets the junction of Super Highway and National Highway at Jamshoro.

  • Miro Khan Road connects Larkana with Miro Khan (total length of about 28 km)

  • Moenjodaro Road is a 24 km long connection between Larkana and the important archaeological site of Moenjodaro.  The same road provides access to the airport located in the vicinity.

  • Naudero Road is 18 km long and connects Larkana with Naudero town.

The Karachi-Quetta main railway line crosses the district on a North-South direction and connects Larkana with Sukkur and Quetta.  The same line links Larkana with Badeh, Dokri, Moenjodaro, Naudero, Dadu, Sehwan, Kotri, and Karachi.  Another line branches from Larkana and enters Jacobabad District via Shahdadkot and Qambar.

Moenjodaro airport operates regular flights from Karachi and Sukkur.  Onward connections from these two cities link Larkana with all international airports in Pakistan.  Finally, a ferry service is available in the Indus River.  This service is basically used for the transport of goods to the neighbouring districts.



The Total length of roads within the District is 4,179 Kilometers out of which 2,223 Kilometers is metal led. All these roads were constructed and are maintained by the Works & Services Department. A program of “ Farm to Market roads” has been started by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) under which roads from Small villages to the major town are being constructed, hence agriculture products can be marketed. The idea of private investments through build, operate and Transfer (BOT) system for Roads construction is viable. These roads help in enhancing the economic activities.



           The Pakistan Telecommunication company limited (PTCL) has provided a telephonic network to many villages of Larkana District. At present there are 2 Digital telephone Exchanges with a Capacity of 13300 lines at Larkana taluka.
The Total Number of Telephone connections in the whole District are 13300. although there are number of private call offices & public call offices in the Larkana District, however there are three mobile companies provide mobile/ Cellular facilities & there are three internet service provider companies, these connect the Larkana District with the World.


           Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan) has one Broadcasting station of 101 MHZ, F.M at Larkana Town. This station was inaugurated on September 24th 1995 and daily transmits programs for about seven hours. it broadcasts in Urdu, Sindhi, People do not bother to pay radio license fee, therefore no data are available about the total number of radio sets in the District.


          The National Flag carrier PIA operates 7 flights per week to connect Larkana to Karachi, Airport at the famous historic town of Moen-jo-Daro, the Airport have facility for night landing as well as for bowing flights.



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