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Larkana Police


Emergency Help

          The center caters for all types of emergencies including medical, fire, major power and gas breakdown, etc. Police officers personally attend to cases of robbery, accidents, hooliganism, while for the rest it coordinates with the departments concerned. On receipt of information police mobiles reach the spot in maximum seven minutes.

Theft Reporting Counter

          If there is any problem in registration of First Information Report (FIR) regarding cases of theft and robbery in the respective Police Station, complaint can be lodged in the Rescue Center at any time. A copy of the FIR is provided to the complaint the next day.

Ambulance Coordination & Medical Support

         In case of medical emergency, the center coordinates and helps in arranging ambulance service, for shifting the patients to hospitals, in this unit there are 01 Doctor,  and 01 ambulances with first aid equipment. The Doctors provide first aid guidance on telephone in case of emergency. They also accompany the ambulance if required.

Vehicle Verification Section

        This unit is responsible for verifying record of suspected and stolen vehicles from the computer and to issue a certificate of clearance to the applicants.

Child Lost/Found Center

       The center coordinates for missing people and children lost or found.

Blood Donors Directory

      The center has a comprehensive directory of Blood Donors of Islamabad. Whenever some member of the Blood Donors Club requires blood he is immediately put to the nearest donor member of the same blood group.

 Legal Advice

       The In charge of the center are law graduates. They will help the public by extending free legal advice on police related and law issues.

Miscellaneous Facilities.

       The center has also one Recovery Vehicle, which can be used in case of break down of vehicles on the road. This service is available on payment. Similarly

Man Power.

       Staff employed in the center are volunteers and selected from the entire lot for their dedication and motivation. They are well trained in rescue operations, sniper firing and first aid help.



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