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Provision of health services in the Sindh secondary cities is based on a system of (a) Basic Health Units (BHUs) delivering services such as mother and child care, preventive treatment, and referral to larger units, and (b) district hospitals.

Regarding health facilities, Larkano has four hospitals and four dispensaries (playing the role of BHUs), run by the government, with a total of 1750 beds (1990 figures).  As far as staff is concerned, there are 220 doctors, 237 nurses, and 347 paramedics.   Provision of basic health services in Larkano is more or less satisfactory.  One of the major shortcomings is related to the delivery of mother and child care services, where at least three organised centers for such services are urgently needed.  The situation is becoming critical if one considers also the fact that any efforts to curb population growth necessarily pass through the upgrading of basic health services to include this type of specialised services.

The provision of hospital beds in Larkano (with 1.0 bed per 1000 catchment population in 1990) is much above the Sindh provincial average of 0.34 hospital beds per 1000 inhabitants (1986).  However, proper maintenance of existing facilities should be undertaken.

Important Government Medical Facilities in Larkano

  1. LINAR (Cancer Hospital/Nuclear Medical Center)

  2. Hospitals working under Chandka Medical College

  1. City Block (Civil Hospital)

  • Casualty

  • CCU (Coronary Care Unit)

  • Surgical and Medical Emergency Ward

  • ENT/Eye Ward

  1. Teaching Hospital

  2. Sheikh Zayed Hospital for Women

  3. Sheikh Zayed Hospital for Children

  1. Government Hospital (Mohalla Murad Wahan)

  2. Railway Hospital

  3. Red Crescent Hospital

  4. Police Dispensary

Private Medical Facilities in Larkano

  1. Larkana Medical Center

  2. Almas Medical Center

  3. Latif Medical Center

  4. Mehran Medical Center

  5. Sindh Medical Center

  6. Batool Medical Center



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